OMI Foundation and Clean Technology Hub Embark on Landmark Partnership

OMI Foundation
3 min readDec 18, 2023

By Abhimanyu S.

In a significant international collaboration, OMI Foundation has signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Clean Technology Hub, a leading hybrid hub in Nigeria dedicated to advancing clean energy solutions in the global south. The MoU signifies a collaborative effort for research, development, demonstration, and incubation of clean energy ideas and technologies, aimed at fostering environment and climate-friendly initiatives across Africa. The partnership will seek to foster collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange in the realm of sustainable development and address areas such as energy transition and clean mobility, recognising their pivotal roles in the global south’s journey towards net-zero emissions.

Aishwarya Raman, the Executive Director of OMI Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm, “This MoU marks a crucial step towards fostering collective sustainable development and advancement of clean mobility in the global south. By combining our strengths with Clean Technology Hub, we aim to drive impactful change in the clean mobility and energy transition sectors.”

Ifeoma Malo, CEO/Founder of Clean Technology Hub, added, “We believe that collaboration is key to addressing the challenges of our time. In partnership with OMI Foundation, we are committed to harnessing our combined expertise to expedite the acceptance of clean energy solutions in Nigeria, India, and other regions.”

The key objectives of this partnership are:

1. Creation of knowledge products

The collaboration will emphasise the development of knowledge products through joint projects and research initiatives tailored to the specific needs of India and Nigeria. By pooling resources and expertise, OMI Foundation and Clean Technology Hub aspire to contribute valuable insights to the ongoing discourse on clean energy transition.

2. Sharing opportunities and generating calls-to-action

The partners will actively share opportunities and engage their networks to foster a collaborative ecosystem. This includes identifying avenues for mutual engagement and participation in projects that align with the shared vision of both organisations and generate calls to action for their achievement

3. Support for knowledge sharing

Both organisations will support the dissemination of research findings and resources through their respective networks to amplify the impact of research and facilitate broader awareness and understanding of clean energy and mobility solutions.

4. Joint funding applications

Recognising the importance of financial support in driving impactful initiatives, OMI Foundation and Clean Technology Hub will explore opportunities for joint funding applications which are relevant, feasible, and beneficial for both parties.

Considering Clean Technology Hub is based in Nigeria, which is the largest and fastest growing economy in Africa, the partnership aims to leverage shared insights and learnings by drawing parallels between India and Nigeria’s shared experiences and economic landscapes. African nations, led by Nigeria, are in the emerging stages of their energy transition and India, having navigated a similar trajectory, can offer valuable lessons. At the same time, there is also scope for India to learn and adapt from the technological advancements in the clean technology and clean mobility spaces that Nigeria and the rest of the developing global south are currently witnessing and that weren’t available when India began its energy transition journey. OMI Foundation and Clean Technology Hub’s collaboration positions them as key players in advancing research around clean mobility and energy transition across both India and Nigeria.

The partnership gains even more significance in light of the recent COP28 discussions, as it aligns with the global imperative to address climate change. The energy and transport sectors are pivotal in achieving net-zero emissions, requiring substantial investments in technology and widespread adoption of sustainable practices. OMI Foundation and Clean Technology Hub’s united front demonstrates a shared commitment to accelerating the adoption of clean energy and transport in India, Nigeria, and the larger global south, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.



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