#TIL: Charger on the Wheels

By Shilpi Samantray

Source: Google images

Have you ever imagined how convenient it will be if we can have our EVs charged whenever and wherever we want?

A Mobile EV Charger is a portable energy storage device which can be easily transported to the desired location to charge a vehicle and get back to the source to recharge. They eliminate the need for the EV user to drive to the charging station and the additional wait time to recharge the vehicle. This makes EV charging feasible at home, office, mall or any place else where you can park the car.

This technology has the potential to reduce the cost and complexity of installing a public charging infrastructure. The decoupling of charging spots from the associated charging infrastructure also addresses the challenges of finding real estate at urban centers to set up charging stations, getting power connection from local utilities etc.

Mobile charging is gaining currency in a few parts of the US like Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is as simple as delivering food through an App and as per the claims of the company running this operation, the overall cost could be less than charging at home after taking all cost factors into account. While there are still details to be worked out on the most efficient way to manage logistics of battery charging, battery movement and mode of charging, with the growing population of EVs, this charging-as-a-service (CaaS) technology is going to evolve at a rapid pace to address the demand for a reliable, fast and easily accessible charging solution.



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